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Abandoning Windows game development over time.
08-06-2015, 11:28 AM
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Abandoning Windows game development over time.

I have been working with operating and computing systems for many years and I can not recall a time where when the industry has been in more flux. With the release of Windows 10 it has become clear that MS and Windows are no longer viable options for me and I bet a great many more soon. It is essentially a garb for all of your data, personal information and more. The EULA is designed to allow MS to take away 'ALL' of your rights to privacy (IMHO) including logging and recording every keystroke you make on the OS (can not be turned off). I can 'NOT' agree to the MS EULA for Windows 10, either as a developer or a user. This has forced myself and others to make a choice on Windows and development. As it stands I plan to try to support PUSC development on Windows through Windows 7 until support for it ends or Windows 10 no longer supports programs developed on it. As I see it Windows is now a dead OS and those that continue to use it will dwindle in numbers until it is no longer viable.

What does that leave in it's wake for developers or users. Linux. Aside from Windows and OSX/IOS everything runs on Linux. Android, Chrome OS, Steam OS and the backbone of the internet all use Linux. I just installed Kubuntu 15.04 Plasma 5 (Sweet KDE Plasma 5 GUI) and I am so impressed. The install was a breeze and it even installed the right proprietary ATI Catalyst drivers for my HD5770. Amazing, Linux has come a long way and you can read my little install review here. Linux is the only viable alternative to developers and content creators (regarding privacy and open development) and I expect, perhaps for the first time, an influx of indie and other developers (as well as users and content creators) flocking to it over the next year.

So in the future (as it stands now) I will be dropping support for Windows as a development target over time and embracing Linux and also supporting Android, IOS, OSX, Steam OS and perhaps even java/HTML5. Some might question a withdrawal of Windows as a target of development, but as I have stated, myself and others can not agree to MS's EULA and therefore can no longer develop for Windows based platforms.

- Rich -

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