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Real-time map Lighting and Shadows!
Vidiot_X's profile Vidiot_X
Hi, Above is a video of Phoenix USC's Alien Phoenix framework running a 'scrolling' lighted map scene. Big Grin Complete with one lighted game map scene window . . .

The Phoenix Universe of Space Combat Preview Demo- LINUX , Demo V. 1.01
03-28-2015, 07:35 AM (This post was last modified: 03-29-2015 12:12 AM by Vidiot_X.)
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The Phoenix Universe of Space Combat Preview Demo- LINUX , Demo V. 1.01
Title: The Phoenix Universe of Space Combat Preview Demo- LINUX , Demo V. Version: 1.01 Uploaded: 03-28-2015
Downloads: 32
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[Image: a1.jpg]

Phoenix Universe of Space Combat

Preview Demo Release!

The Phoenix USC Preview Demo. is a playable demo where you can battle with up to 300 enemy bots in space based arena combat. A preview of the online client to come. Featuring beautiful high detail backgrounds, battling on both an upper an lower level in map and a fast responsive inertia based physics offer dynamic combat. This demo is designed to introduce you to the game engine and a feel for the online player v. player experience to come in the MMO client.

The demo includes a richly featured window based GUI with movable and resizable interfaces. This makes navigation a breeze and features like in game help with with scrolling text and images, HUD interface with dock-able radar are all designed to make game play the focus. Included in the demo is a global IRC based chat system that will let communicate with others enjoying the demo around the world. The demo also features some awesome ambient sound scape's. If you love fast action addictive MMO space combat game then Phoenix USC is the game for you.

[Image: a4.jpg]

To get started playing the Phoenix USC preview demo you will need to download the demo and un-Gzip the demo file into a directory/folder. From there you will be able to run the Phoenix USC demo by running the program file PhoenixUSC. Follow the directions and setup your default resolution, save and run the demo.

[Image: a3.jpg]

Some basic tips:
If get lost, or stuck or just want to evade you can hit the 'inset' key which will warp you to the start . safe area.

If Phoenix USC seems slow on your system try clicking on the video tad in the settings interface and turn on 'V-Port Shave' by clicking on it. Most video cards do not need this option but some like mine slow way down with out it on. You can also adjust the detail.

This demo will run on Linux 32bit and 64bit if i386 libraries are installed (Phoenix USC is a 32bit program). Pulse audio is supported. An OpenGL 3D supported video card and driver required with 256mb of memory recommended, 768mb of system ram, dual core CPU and 60Mb of hard disk space is recommended. The controller is your keyboard and mouse as well.

[Image: a2.jpg]

Thank you for following Phoenix USC and in addition to the Phoenix USC website you can visit my Inide DB page.

Thanks for supporting Phoenix USC,
Richard Betson
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