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Cool, In Phoenix I use (will use) a different technique. The camera shake is bound to the physics. Almost all objects in a map are linked to physics. The shi . . .

Big update. :)
11-21-2014, 04:06 AM (This post was last modified: 11-21-2014 04:14 AM by Vidiot_X.)
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Big update. :)

I have been busy add features to PUSC. Smile

I have posted a video showing the potential of the new high resolution, arena wide, seamless background effect. Using a gigantic 5120x5120 image I am able to essentially chop it up into smaller 256x256 chunks. This makes it easier to display highly detailed backgrounds that parallax and fit the arena space. It also reduces the video card memory footprint by a large amount.

The video also shows preview demo game play. The bots now use a form of 'dead reckoning' to more accurately target a players ship which makes it challenging and fun. I have also smoothed out the physics settings for a much better feel in game.

I have added center mount weapons to player ships (blue weapons fire). This makes both wing mounted and center mounted weapons available. I will be adding mines next. All player ships will be able to use 3 types of weapons simultaneously.
[Image: new_bombs_explosion.jpg]

Below is image of Phoenix USC's new asteroids with collision. The asteroids are in belts and spread out throughout the combat arena. Asteroids provide a place to hide and a place to fight. Smile

My custom collision engine can wrap the irregular shapes of the asteroids allowing for weapons fire pass through points as well as niches to hide in.

All part of the standalone preview demo coming very soon.
[Image: asteriods1.jpg]

I am still on track to get the preview demo out the door. It is looking like a demo release in the first week of December. I am working very hard to get in as many options and features as I can. Registered users (here) will get a copy of the preview demo the day before the official release. Smile

- Rich -

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Richard Betson
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