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Progress Update: Server 06/18/2014
06-18-2014, 10:34 PM
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Phoenix USC Progress Update: Server 06/18/2014

I have been working on the server and now have a complete client correction system in place. Basically what this is a way for the server to correct a connected clients position (game state) and more. This prevents clients from cheating and allows the server to be completely authoritative meaning it can control a connected client. Because clients now only send move/options data (left, right, thrust, fire and so on) there is no way for a client.

For the more technically inclined the Phoenix USC server uses a method outlined in Gabriel Gambetta wonderful tutorial on fast paced multi-player games which you can find here. This method works really well and when coupled with an 'Unreal engine" like buffer for lag compensation yields a smooth client correction (from server) and can handle high latency. In fact the client and server are in almost perfect sync using this method allowing for very few corrections to the client aside from when the client is sending inputs. This means for example when the ship is coasting in your client it requires virtually no corrections from the server even when it hits a wall. This is possible because the client and the sever both run exactly the same code for movement and such.

I will be working on getting remote ships appearing in a client to move smoothly. I have a working method and I am applying it now. Once that is done the networking code will pretty much done and I can finaly move on. Big Grin I have also started to add a ship selection interface that will allow hundreds (that's right 100's) of ships to be available.

I'll post some media as soon as I get the next build done.

Rock on,
- Rich -

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Richard Betson
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