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Random Ideas by resoL
11-27-2013, 10:28 AM
Post: #6
RE: Random Ideas by resoL
It's during those late hours humans are the most creative Smile

All great ideas and speaking of statistics, I kind of liked the 'assist' stat in Altitude. Let's say you have a more passive role/ship, you would still have something to brag about.
The requirement could be doing at least 50% damage before the kill shot by another teammate. The opposite could also be a (negative) stat. Let's say you are in the habit of kill stealing it would show on your record (kill shot, taking only the last 5% of health after somebody else just hit the same target).

System Specs:
1) Windows XP SP3 32-bit, AthlonXP 2600+, Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440 , Epox 8KHA+ Onboard Audio, 512 Mb RAM
2) Windows XP SP3 32-bit, Pentium 4 2500 Mhz, ATI Radeon 8500, Onboard Audio, 768 Mb RAM
3) Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Athlon64 3000+, ATI HD3450, Creative SBAudigy, 1.5 Gb RAM
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11-27-2013, 04:52 PM
Post: #7
RE: Random Ideas by resoL
I agree with the assist feature, but it my opinion everything else should just be counted as a kill, and steer away from generating any content that could be considered negative.

Would be great to keep track of total damage dealt during a span / session / event, even broken down into types of damage / weapon / ability.

One way in a zone of mine to deal with a negative stat and still use it, was to just hide the fact that it was negative, ending a session of a turf game would produce stats, and rather than stating "Worst Player" or "Worst Score", where I was keeping track of that stuff, I still announced that player in the score board, but used a nice term - Worst Luck.

So maybe you could do the same with what you're talking about, and at the end of a game, the player that had the most "kill steals" could be called 'Kill Secure King' or something! Tongue
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11-28-2013, 12:11 AM
Post: #8
RE: Random Ideas by resoL
A thought:

Configurable visual items that can be bought, and placed on or under ship graphics.

Would make for a nice affect for servers that wanted to base around upgrades for ships, and people could be flying the same ship but look drastically different depending on the items attached to it.

Not only could this be a great feature for items like weapons and shields, but it could also be used to display team emblems, or maybe be used by some servers to set up a ranking system, and have banners and such attached to the wings of a ship, similar to army ranks on the sleeve of their uniform.
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12-02-2013, 08:49 PM
Post: #9
RE: Random Ideas by resoL
I noticed you must of already programmed some AI Bots.

I would like to see the use of them in other games as well. Something I've always wanted to do in susbspace is make a tower defense game. So the AI Bots in this would need to do two things:

The first is to be able to be bought and placed on the map with weapon(s). Being able to set it up so the players have starting gold to purchase a tower or two for the first wave, and then the option to build better and more expensive towers and / or upgrade the weapons of the towers they have. Each tower could be given two ID numbers, one for which player owns the tower and one for which of the players towers is it.

The second use of the AI Bots is to be be spawned and fly in a set path with no weapons, just health levels. I guess it's general knowledge to most gamers how a tower defense event would work, but if you need more details I'll write them up.

Another great thing you could to with the bots, with being able to tell them to take a certain flight path, and when they reach their destination give them more directions, maybe take another flight path or perhaps engage in batter with in a radius or area. You could make a great "Nazi Zombie" type game.

I think creating a lot of fun "low population" events is really key to not only grow the player base, but to sustain it as well. If you take a look at subspace now, a huge flaw is that 90% of the zones and events were / are designed for larger populations, and not enough single player, 1v1 / 2v2... 5v5 ect. games.

Another benefit to having lots of smaller events is that if the game does grow a large player base, you wont have to always be playing against the same people in the event you like to play most, although you could have the option to I guess.

Touching back in where I referenced giving players the ability to queue their own events, I think they should be able to Invite players in a number of ways. Give them the option to have the event public and anyone can join it, or close where only the players they invite may join. Maybe allow them to invite "Friends Only" where I think your chat system would come into affect, I hope you will be allowed to add / request friends and have them in a list where you are able to see their status - what server they are in and whether they are available (in a public arena or in an event). Or maybe even "Squad / Team Only" options or even an Auto Invite feature that will automatically invite everyone in the players current server, all their friends and team members as well.

I think you really should give players the ability to change servers easily while in game and not have to exit the game to join another server. Even be able to invite people to your server would be nice as well. I think it would be best to have a separate window in the chat box that is dedicated for game invites and friend request, a 'notifications' window if you will.
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12-02-2013, 10:09 PM
Post: #10
RE: Random Ideas by resoL

The bot system is still being developed and for the sake of server load has to be thin and efficient. I will add 'way points' so the bots can move from a start point and then to all its way points and then back to start. i will also be developing a simple bot script that will allow you to further modify and define bot actions. Bots do help in low player count scenarios or even high player counts as they can be added in many different ways to change game play.

At first PUSC will concentrate on classic modes of game play such as capture the flag. Once I have a solid server and client I will start to layer on other ways to play such as league, match and other play modes. So much of what you are discussing is down the road a bit (not too long). Right now I am firming up the game engine to solidly perform and once there I will proceed to more complex gaming modes such as player controlled events (an Idea I like).

In game server selection is an idea that has been requested before. It is possible and perhaps later I will consider it. For now and the foreseeable future players will use the client launch application (CLA) as the gateway to servers. The reasons for this are two fold. One is the only really reliable way to setup graphics and sound is to use a CLA which does all the graphics driver and sound driver checks and test. It makes it way easier to track bugs and hardware conflicts especially if the users has modified the system by installing a new video or sound card. The second is that the CLA also provides a news feed and ads which are a potential revenue point. I will consider a scenario where a player uses the CLA and then once in game can switch to another sever without exiting the game, something I had planned to do later in development.

Thanks for the input,
- Rich -

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