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Site work this last week. Demo News.
11-18-2013, 06:04 PM (This post was last modified: 11-18-2013 09:09 PM by Vidiot_X.)
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Site work this last week. Demo News.
New donation Badges
[Image: badges.png]


I have been upgrading the site and I have been making a few changes. Of note is the donation system and donation page. I had struggled trying to come up with a way to keep Phoenix USC free and still cover the cost development, administration and game servers. The plan I came up with is to offer different levels of support, services and other perks like upgrades to ships and weapons only available to members who donate at a certain level. This has the advantage of keeping the game free and rewarding members who can support Phoenix USC through donations. I have setup three exclusive forums one for the bronze, silver and gold levels of donation. Within these forums members will receive varying levels of support in addition to any upgrades or other perks available to that member group.

Another interesting aspect is rewarding members who donate with award badges that appear in post, private messages and other areas showing that members financial support of Phoenix USC. If I can I will work these badges into the game also showing that members support in-game. Members can also cash in badges to upgrade to the next donation level. This gives a path for members who donate small amounts to accumulate their donation in order to upgrade. So a member who donates at the $10.00 'basic level' can accrue 5 donations at that level and upgrade to the 'silver level' donation level.

I have high hopes for this model as it is pretty straight forward and simple. It also is much different then the free-to-play models out there that try to nickle-and-dime you over time to get access to their game. With the donation level model anyone can play Phoenix USC, run a server or use the map editor free of charge. You can checkout the donation page here.

On the demo front it will not be to long, for sure in December. I have a few things to add and change, One cool thing is the demo will include 100 bots for you to shoot at and test the client. It should give you a good look at what Phoenix USC can do and how it will function on your computer system. This is just a preview demo, an early glimpse of whats to come. I should also mention that there is an in-game global chat system so you will be able to chat with others running the demo world wide. Should be fun.Smile

So keep checking in as next month I will be releasing the preview demo.

- Rich -

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