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01-18-2013, 09:58 PM
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RE: hello!
i dont know if you want this or not, but I added a 'shake' effect when the player is hit by incoming fire.

when a certain condition is met, I execute this code

camx = Rnd(-5,5)
camy = Rnd(-5,5)

this executes until the condition is complete which in my case is = to the length that the resulting explosion from the weapon takes to cycle, barely milliseconds the most.

the numbers can be further apart in count for bigger shake or less for smaller shake.

then I modify my setorigin which has always been before the players ship is drawn of course

setorigin(tx+ camx, ty + camy)
where tx = graphicswidth()/2 - playerx
and ty = graphicsheight()/2 - playery

so it keeps the focus on the player ship which is at the centre of the screen, just like subspace, and just like Phoenix.

provides a cool shake effect. I remember the bombs in subspace had a shake effect if they exploded on a wall near you.
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