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Phoenix USC: Android test of GUI. Networking news.
04-16-2015, 07:32 AM
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Phoenix USC: Android test of GUI. Networking news.


Above is a 'very early' test of the Phoenix USC GUI on an Android tablet. As I had planned the same code used for the Windows/Mac/Linux versions of Phoenix USC written in BlitzMax (http://www.blitzmax.com) will all port to the Monkey-X (http://www.monkey-x.com) programming language fairly easily. So the good news here is that I can now start development for Android and IOS (IPAD, Iphone). I should add that it will be possible to also support Windows Metro apps as well, but given the state of Window something I will consider at a later date.

On the networking front I am at present looking into which networking code library (lower level back-end code) will be the best fit for both PC's and mobile devices. There are certain limitations on mobile devices and their platform OS''s that require an approach that will allow the server to work with mobile devices.

I have much of the server and client networking code (higher level) already written and changing to a new networking back-end is a hassle but well worth the effort to support mobile devices. I will make a decision on which networking library to use here over the next week and then begin adapting the server and client to support the new library.

So it wont be to long before the server is up and running and we can begin testing.

Rock on,
- Rich -

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Richard Betson
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Phoenix USC: Android test of GUI. Networking news. - Vidiot_X - 04-16-2015 07:32 AM

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