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Random Ideas by resoL
11-23-2013, 10:58 PM
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Random Ideas by resoL
Starting this thread because I have a lot of ideas that come and go. So when I think of them I will try to add them here. Feel free to post your thoughts of my ideas, but please do not flame the thread, post hateful things, or be a jerk.

Chat Ideas
I'm hoping that all servers will be linked similar to how subspace is now with SSC. Allowing remote private messages from player to player, but I think it would be a nice feature to enable players to type in both local and global chats. With a high number of players there could be a lot of spam, so allowing players to toggle it on and off is a must.

Allow users to click on the players names in the chat to bring up options. Options such as ignore, add friend, message, invite, ect..

Allow the user to toggle the chat mode:
Filter between All, Global, Local, Friends Only

Central Hub Server
An idea about having a main server to connect to, where all players first come to first before entering any other servers. This server would be just for playing around, chatting, dog fighting as well as display the status of all other servers connected.

The servers displayed would show the number of players, the events that were in the server, the status of those events and connection details for the user.

Generic Game Info
I think in order to keep people playing, there has to be more that what subspace is right now, so let me just go over some ideas I think would make the game.

New players starting out would be limited to a few or even one basic ship. Users should have exp stats connected to their account. Unlocking ships, items, and abilities as they progress.

I think the central server where everyone plays should organize players according to skill and exp levels. That way newbs vs newbs, and vets vs vets when just playing around.

Other servers or events/games should be able to toggle between global settings or custom settings.

For example:
An elimination or death match event with global settings would allow players to use their custom ships, items, and abilities that they have unlocked by playing the game.

The same event with custom settings would put each player into a specific ship with predefined weaponry and items.

I think the events should be fully automated, yet player run at the same time. Let me explain:

The central hub server would handle player request to start an event. The user should be able to select the event they want to play and select all the options and settings they want for that event. IE custom ships or standard ships, minimum players, max players, game time (if needed), ect.

When a player has finished selecting event options, the hub zone should display the event details. This would allow players to see that the user wants to play an event, and other players that want to join can que in it. When a players join, the hub server should update the status of the event. Maybe give a timer to how long the event is listed and if it times out with not enough players it is removed, or if it the timer runs out and meets the min. players requirement the event will start.

-And I think that's enough typing for now, but I do have many many more thoughts that I will add eventually.
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