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Random Ideas by resoL
11-23-2013, 10:58 PM
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Random Ideas by resoL
Starting this thread because I have a lot of ideas that come and go. So when I think of them I will try to add them here. Feel free to post your thoughts of my ideas, but please do not flame the thread, post hateful things, or be a jerk.

Chat Ideas
I'm hoping that all servers will be linked similar to how subspace is now with SSC. Allowing remote private messages from player to player, but I think it would be a nice feature to enable players to type in both local and global chats. With a high number of players there could be a lot of spam, so allowing players to toggle it on and off is a must.

Allow users to click on the players names in the chat to bring up options. Options such as ignore, add friend, message, invite, ect..

Allow the user to toggle the chat mode:
Filter between All, Global, Local, Friends Only

Central Hub Server
An idea about having a main server to connect to, where all players first come to first before entering any other servers. This server would be just for playing around, chatting, dog fighting as well as display the status of all other servers connected.

The servers displayed would show the number of players, the events that were in the server, the status of those events and connection details for the user.

Generic Game Info
I think in order to keep people playing, there has to be more that what subspace is right now, so let me just go over some ideas I think would make the game.

New players starting out would be limited to a few or even one basic ship. Users should have exp stats connected to their account. Unlocking ships, items, and abilities as they progress.

I think the central server where everyone plays should organize players according to skill and exp levels. That way newbs vs newbs, and vets vs vets when just playing around.

Other servers or events/games should be able to toggle between global settings or custom settings.

For example:
An elimination or death match event with global settings would allow players to use their custom ships, items, and abilities that they have unlocked by playing the game.

The same event with custom settings would put each player into a specific ship with predefined weaponry and items.

I think the events should be fully automated, yet player run at the same time. Let me explain:

The central hub server would handle player request to start an event. The user should be able to select the event they want to play and select all the options and settings they want for that event. IE custom ships or standard ships, minimum players, max players, game time (if needed), ect.

When a player has finished selecting event options, the hub zone should display the event details. This would allow players to see that the user wants to play an event, and other players that want to join can que in it. When a players join, the hub server should update the status of the event. Maybe give a timer to how long the event is listed and if it times out with not enough players it is removed, or if it the timer runs out and meets the min. players requirement the event will start.

-And I think that's enough typing for now, but I do have many many more thoughts that I will add eventually.
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11-24-2013, 02:19 AM
Post: #2
RE: Random Ideas by resoL
Hi resol,

Some good ideas...

Quote:Chat Ideas
You are pretty close to the way I will be handling chat. As of now PUSC has an IRC global chat gateway that will allow in-game realtime chat across all clients totally bypassing zone servers. You can see an image of it here. As you can see it has a complete list box of those in a channel as most IRC clients do and I will be adding buttons to ignore, message and more. So there are lots of options for global in game chat to players on whatever zone server they happen to be on. In addition you can setup your own channel on the IRC server and have your team or friends chat there all in game and with all the security and control options IRC servers provide including passwords to gain access to the channel. Most awesome. Wink

I will use this as a model for in game zone chat which is zone server controlled. Basically you will have a zone chat window that is semitransparent and when you click on it will activate option buttons and a list box similar to the IRC global chat. You can just make it out in that IRC image as the window under the IRC g-chat window where it says 'welcome guest'. Clicking on that will get into all the zone chat options. At first it will be zone specific chat and not interconnected to other servers. But once I get a solid server up for testing I will expand it to link to other servers for messaging and similar a actions. With the global chat in place there really is no need to expand local zone chat outside of the zone server. But things like messaging and other similar actions will be supported and unlike SS I can provide a popup in a transparent window letting respond easily and you wont miss messages as I often do in SS.

Quote:Central Hub Server
The current setup for connecting to a server is similar to how a player connects with Continuum. The PUSC client launch application (CLA) allows you to get a list of servers available and you can select and connect with them as seen here. This is a pretty easy way to get connected to servers and familiar with a lot of game players. Probably the best reason to use this approach as it is one less server to run as all clients can directly connect to a server and no gateway server is required.

That said, I do see where your going with the idea of a gateway server and it is possible but at this point unlikely. But I will think about a bit. Wink

Quote:Generic Game Info
I will start here by saying I like the idea of a user controlled event, using say an options menu to configure the event and then run it. Something like this would be great for league play and other team matches and events and is worth considering. I will really consider this idea as it is a good solutions to match/league play.

As for limiting players by skill or grouping them up it may be possible and I will look into adding features like this as we go along. I am trying to design the server to be configurable allowing customizations as you have described. So I will keep it in mind. The plan for now is to work through the basic server design process by starting of with classic CTF and other popular styles of play and then once the server is sold and secure I will layer on the kind of customizations your speaking of giving zone op a fair degree of control.

So all good stuff and will consider adding in what I can. Right now I am getting the preview demo ready and then it's on to hardcore server testing and development. The server is based in Linux and uses the same game engine as the clients so server testing as been part of the development all along and will soon be up and running. Once it solid enough for open beta (not far off) we will start to layer on more options.

Thanks for the input,
- Rich -

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Richard Betson
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11-25-2013, 06:48 PM
Post: #3
RE: Random Ideas by resoL
Allow users to select their own backgrounds, provide a bunch with the client and also give the option for a custom one as well.

Allow users to change the color of hud images. (I would still be willing to make these when the time comes)
And what I mean by hud images, are like the radar and any other boxs on the screen. Maybe give the option for no color / transparent / solid as well to all the images and maybe the chat background as well.
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11-26-2013, 07:16 AM (This post was last modified: 11-26-2013 07:21 AM by Vidiot_X.)
Post: #4
RE: Random Ideas by resoL

Quote:Allow users to select their own backgrounds, provide a bunch with the client and also give the option for a custom one as well.
This is an idea that I may implement. You would be able to do this for the three supported types of backgrounds which are tiled, static background image and dynamic background image (moves slightly when ship moves).

Quote:Allow users to change the color of hud images.
This is already supported to a large degree as the CLA (client launch application), in game HUD and the in game GUI all use a skin file. You can modify images and the skin files to customize the look. It does also support some color options. Transparency is done using PNG's that can set their opacity. I will expand this as I continue with development.

Thanks for the input.
- Rich -

[Image: basic_badge.png] Phoenix USC - Steam group Phoenix USC - Twitter Phoenix USC - Facebook Phoenix USC - IndieDB Phoenix USC
IRC: quakenet.org #phoenixusc
Support Monkey X2 development at Mark Sibly's Patreon page.
Richard Betson
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11-27-2013, 02:36 AM
Post: #5
RE: Random Ideas by resoL

I could probably go on for hours about the level of details that I would put into this portion on the game, but I will keep it brief because.. it's 3:30am and I should have been in bed hours ago.

Stats are great in so many ways, I know that I am not the only person in the gaming world that loves to see where the stack up in every aspect against the rest.

So I would love to see any kind of stats put into the game that should be stored server side, but readable in the client. It would also be a really great feature to be able to pull the stats from the server for use on websites as well. So maybe just use a MySql DB?

I think there should be player score stats as well player population stats, maybe even set it up so the admins could set up stats the way they wanted for their server.

So I mean, you could on the fly create a new db when you were running an even and store all the stats from it. Or as mentioned with my thoughts of players being able to run event ques, have automated stored stats from them as well. Maybe even server side configurations on how often to clear db's.

Like I said, I could go on and on about ideas and details of what to do with this aspect, but maybe that would be best done later on down the road.

Another idea that kind of just popped in my head as I was sitting here. The ability to move hud / screen objects such as chat and radar. Give the user the ability to select the locations they want to have everything so they get what they feel is the perfect layout!
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