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Beta Testers Needed. - Vidiot_X - 02-27-2013 09:27 PM


I have decided to start a beta testing group. This team will be testing and making recommendations for fixes, changes and new features. Candidates wishing to join should 'ideally' have a background in subspace and have participated in other beta testing programs. But, I am open to those who know subspace (or similar game) and have a good reputation in the subspace or other similar community.

The beta testing team will have it's own private forum here and be trusted to maintain secrecy. This will help insure better security for Phoenix USC as we develop ways to prevent the game from being hacked. Additionally members of the beta testing team will be listed in the credits for Phoenix USC.

For those reading this not participating you will still be able to test and run the Phoenix USC client as it is updated so all will get to have an input as to what fixes, features and changes should be made to Phoenix USC.

So, if you would like to be come a member of the beta testing team you should first register on this message board and private message me letting me know you are interested. If you have ever wanted to make a difference in a games development now is your chance. It will be a lot of fun and together we can make the future.

- Rich -

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