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Twitch feed page - Vidiot_X - 05-18-2014 02:50 PM

[Image: twitch2.jpg]


I have setup a Twitch feed page for PUSC located here (also available in Webpage menu 'Gallery'). I will be for now using this page for those who want to follow Phoenix USC development as I will be posting times you can view our progress. As we get closer to locking down the server/client networking code I will begin to stream the results of our progress. The page also include a chat feature for Twitch account holders and we will be available in-game to take request/comments via IRC. Phoenix USC supports a windowed (custom built GUI) IRC chat feature which makes it possible.

Times will also be posted on our forums announcements page.

I hope to hear from you when we get started. It will fun. Smile

- Rich -

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