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Other games - ElliottTarson - 08-10-2013 05:37 AM

Few games that i'm currently playing, all free to play with cash shop if desired. I'm a master at killing time ^_^
*P2W comments in asterisks* - Also available on Steam
3D 3rd person Space shooter Arcade/Sim, fun but older characters have a distinct advantage against newer players, and MM isn't fleshed out yet. *Called pay to win, I do not think it is.*
3D 3rd/1st person WWII-Korean War aircraft Arcade/Sim. Same company as Star Conflict, Gaijin, Inc. Balanced, fun, MM works. *if you're willing to dump a few hundred $ on crew skills, maybe.*
3D Top down 3rd person zombie survival/shooter. You can explore the gigantic map looking for loot, or enter houses, warehouses, and other buildings, sometimes with a zombie horde appearing randomly. AMMO IS YOUR LIFE, DON'T WASTE IT!
*Only pay to win in PVP aspect, which is minor unless you're a hardcore player*
1st (Soon to be also 3rd) person Mech Sim. Fully immersive with mechlab to customize mechs. Launches late sept, dozens of mechs and variants already in the game, with full IS weaponry circa 3050 in-universe. *Is called pay to win, I disagree completely*
1st person WWII simulator. Complete with world map, commanding up to 10 Assault units in a meta European conflict. Each war lasts until either London or Berlin has been captured. ***** FUN! However can be considered pay to win in some aspects*

3rd person shooter, crafting and bosses, great for killing time. Excellent combat system, AMAZING graphics with everything turned on. *No PVP*

If you don't know what Dota is, you don't internet. *Can't be pay to win*

I'll update this page with more games as I run across them, or for a detailed list of Free to play games that are fun, and at least playable, PM me or e-mail

RE: Other games - Pkunk Fury - 08-10-2013 07:37 AM

Welcome to the boards.

The ships in Star Conflict look pretty cool.

Are the cash shop items a little fair or are these games 'pay to win'?

RE: Other games - ElliottTarson - 08-11-2013 02:11 PM

None of the above games are Pay to Win, with maybe the exception of Dead Frontier, and that's only if you care about PVP, otherwise you're just getting to the harder zombies faster.

Added a few new games that I forgot last time.

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