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Video of mapping, collision and window b . . .
Vidiot_X's profile Vidiot_X
Hi, Above is a video showing off the latest developments for Phoenix USC. In this video I demonstrate the new mapping system, now supporting collision and . . .

  Update - Whats been going on.
Posted by: Vidiot_X - 07-02-2017 04:25 AM - No Replies


I've been on a bit of an hiatus due to medical reasons. You can read more about it on the Phoenix USC FaceBook page (a good place to keep current on development). I'll be back at coding and developing Phoenix USC and Alien Phoenix (game engine for PUSC) going forward. I will be posting the game engine (most of it) as open-source as well as code for Phoenix USC. I am currently looking into licensing options for the two projects exploring which licence allows me to retain ownership yet allow for an open-source model.

I'll post another update soon with more details.

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