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Update: 10/2/14 Impact effects video.
Vidiot_X's profile Vidiot_X
Hi, I have added in weapons impact effects to Phoenix USC's framework as seen in this video. All the weapons in PUSC will have their own impact effects maki . . .

  Site rework and upgrade! New demo on the way!
Posted by: Vidiot_X - 12-25-2017 04:00 AM - No Replies


I am going to be reworking the website and simplifying the overall architecture. So beginning January 2018 the website will be reduced to a single page while I am am working on the website. I encourage you to visit our FaceBook or Twitter pages while the website overhaul is under way.

I will be posting a web based and Linux early pre-pre-alpha demo of Phoenix USC very soon (next month), The demo will run very well in Chrome so many will be able to checkout my progress regardless of their system hardware and OS. For more information checkout our FaceBook page.

Rock on!

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